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Discover our customizable packaging selection, between boxes, bags and pouches you’ll have a large choice of packaging range to pack your products. At Made in Factory, we permit you to personalize these supports in details, creating tailored products. 

The ready to post box, resistant and easy to use answer your needs if you operate in e-commerce. It’ll pack all your products and protect them to satisfy your customers and ensure them a 100% safety delivery. The ready to post box is composed with flat cardboard with a grammage from 350 to 1200 GR. Its format will adapt to your needs and to your products dimensions. The closing of the box is realized thanks to a flap adorned with an adhesive ribbon which ensure a resistant closure. You also have the choice for the coating, in coated paper, matte or glossy. As the ready to post box, the simple box is also customizable, its structure in flat cardboard still the same, its tailored format adapts all products. We propose different boxes models : classic, foldable, drawer. Various coatings are possible, from matte or glossy coated paper to kraft paper. For your logo printing, different techniques are proposed : classic, digital, hot stamping. The way that you’d like to close your box is customizable too, bell, sheath or drawer. To pack all that items, we propose you to realize your bags, 100% customizable. Carrier bags, Kraft bags, Luxury bags, Plastic bags, different bags types which offer you a large choice, as much in the format as in the personalization. Each bag has it own characteristics to answer the best of your needs. The Carrier bag promise you resistance, moreover it’s reusable. Its material is composed with woven or non woven polypropylene, its grammage vary between 70 and 150 GR. This bag format is customizable, it’ll adapts to your products and needs. Handles are customizable too, PP ribbon, welded handles or cut handles. Options are also proposed : velcro, stitched label, zip or inside pocket. The Kraft bag is one of the most economic, once customized, it’ll brings a good image to your brand. This bag is also achievable on measure, its material 100% kraft offers a grammage between 30 and 110 GR. Its color can be white or brown too. You’ll also have the choice for handles, flat in paper, rigid cotton or twisted paper. Moreover, the kraft bag is biodegradable and recyclable. The Luxury bag is the flagship of our bags panel, it will brings credibility and quality to your brand’s image. As all our bags, its format is customizable adapts to all you products. To realize it we only propose coated paper, kraft or embossed form 170 to 250 GR with a matte or glossy lamination. Handles of the bag are also customizable; we’ll offer to you twill cotton ribbon, PP gros grain, V/W cotton, satin; but also PP cords, knot finition or plastic finish ribbon. We also propose option to personalize your bag in details, adding a pinched ribbon, string closure, plastic or metallic eyelet. Plastic bag is a classic, it’s resistant, convenient and economic. With its PE material, you can custom it with the colors you want. Its grammage is minimum 50 microns, its handles can be realize with cut handles or braces. To finish the most fashionable bag this recent years, the tote bag, it will give to your brand a maximum of visibility. Different cotton types will be proposed : canvas, standard cotton or sergé with a grammage from 120 to 300 GR. Options are also achievable, a velcro closing, snap or inside pocket. For all those bags we propose different type os printing : classic, debossing or hot stamping.  

The e-commerce pouch, as the ready to post box will ensure a safety delivery to your customer. It combines easy use and resistance. Its material is composed with PE plastic with a grammage from 50 to 120GR, its format is achievable on measure. The e-commerce pouch is available with or without handles, moreover you can choose its closure : simple or double adhesive.  The pouch is a true flagship for your brand, it will know how to pack your product with elegance in different ways. Its format is also achievable tailor-made. We’ve got a panel for the pouch material : in microfiber, velvet, suede, fabric or cotton; for cords too : in PP, cotton, waxed cotton or satin. Printing types are variable too, classic printing, hot stamping, debossing or stitched label. 

100% customizable packages thanks to many options the will be proposed to realize a case to the image of you brand and your desires. Do not hesitate any more and contact us for any informations or requests for quotation on +33 (0) 1 80 91 53 80  or by mail